White Wines

Governor’s White - $8.00


 This is a semi-dry wine with a very bright fruit forward character reminiscent of an off-dry Riesling. There are hints of grapefruit, honeydew, lemon and orange, with wafts of orange blossoms and honeysuckle that pairs with the refreshingly citrus, floral-laced palate of this delightful wine. Overall the wine is an extremely well balanced with a clean lingering finish. You can enjoy the Governors White as an aperitif or with a myriad of foods. In particular Cajun or Creole food makes for a nice pairing.

James River White - $8.00 


 The James River White is a complex blend of 5 different grapes which creates a fun and unique wine. The wine is accentuated with a pleasing tropical quality of pineapple, citrus and banana. Balanced with the tropical nuances is a nice floral character which lends a candied quality to the fruit. Within the fruit and floral nuances are some perfume and mineral tones which round out the whole experience. Overall the wine finishes very clean and lingers on the palette for a long time. This is a perfect wine for enjoying during the warm Spring and Summer months.


Plantation Blush - $7.50


“The Plantation Blush is blended to be a fun, fruity wine that is easy to drink. This is a fruity, candied style wine offering bright jammy strawberry and raspberry, cherry, banana, exotic tropical fruits and smaller hints of pomegranate and pink grapefruit. The wine finishes with a clean, sweet citrus tone. This wine would be excellent for spicy foods or a hot Virginia Summer day on your patio.”


Sir Christopher Wren $9.00


 The Sir Christopher Wren exemplifies both the Chardonnay and Riesling which make up the blend. The Riesling offers nice tropical tones of pineapple, bright citrus, peach and spiciness, while the chardonnay lends the soft creamy, vanilla, butterscotch, pear tones. Overall the wine is nicely balanced between the two varieties. The finish has the same attributes as the nose with a nice bit of lemon, banana and grassy character to compliment the other fruit tones. Ultimately the wine is well balanced between fruit, citrus and creaminess.   


John Adlum Chardonnay - $10.50


 A Chardonnay for people who don’t like oak…this un-oaked chardonnay has a wonderful balance of fruit and acidity. There is a pleasant upfront lemon flare, with some tropical pineapple, apple and a bit of banana and apricot. Mixed in with the fruit attributes are some classic grassy, almond, caramel and a hint of yeast. The wine has a very good balance between the fruit, acidity and alcohol. The overall structure is refreshing and easy to drink with a very nice lingering finish. This will pair nicely with many different foods.


Samuel Argall Dry Riesling - $10.50


 This is a dry Riesling made in the style of Alsace. There is a brightness to the wine that enhances the lemon, citrus and green apple characters. There is also a playful hard candied fruit aspect (watermelon and lemon drops). The bright citrus and fruit give way to mineral, grassy and a bit of soft vanilla which makes for a nice juxtaposition. The finish on this wine is long with a strong mid-palette, with lots of lemon and candied fruit. The different aspects of this wine make for a well balanced wine which will refresh the palette.


Acte 12 Chardonnay - $18.00


 The 2008 Acte12 Chardonnay is a great wine for people who say they don’t like Chardonnay. There are many facets to this wine making it very easy to enjoy. It starts with some clean green apple, pear, honey, lemon, and just a smidge of tropical fruit notes. In conjunction with the fruit nuances are some floral and ginger characters that enhance the overall fruit effect. Peeking out from these characters is a bit of minerality which offers a glimpse into the old world style chardonnay. The mouthfeel is smooth and full offering a creamy vanilla feel. There is also some oak present but just in the right amount to enhance the overall complexity off the wine.


Vintage Reserve Chardonnay - $24.00


This is a very multi-dimensional wine offering layers of finesse, intrigue and balance. The first aspect is the intense floral and candied fruit, which is quickly followed by some pleasant peach, apple, pear and lemon tones. Intertwined with the floral and tropical is a touch of honeysuckle and ginger. In the mouth all the flavors come through with the added bonus of some very clean creamy vanilla tones giving the wine a very rich and full compliment. The oak is sublimely balanced with the fruit and floral character all making for a strong mid pallet and a lingering finish.


Viognier Reserve - $24.00


This is a very elegant wine with classic Viognier characteristics of pineapple, pears, apple and a bit of citrus. Mingled in with these fruit characters is a fresh candied orange blossom, vanilla which pair nicely with the tropical tones. There is a hint of mineral and floral notes which enhance the flowery, perfumed character of the wine, creating a wonderful balance. Additionally the wine has just a bit of extra weight in the mouth feel which compliments the vanilla and cream characters and add even more complexity to the overall balance. The wine finishes very clean with soft lingering aromatics and a refreshing brightness.