Discover the Hidden Culinary Gem of Williamsburg

Open For Dinner Tuesday through Sunday

Dining is an adventure...or, at least, it should be.


Enter into a restaurant, and you have crossed-worlds into a space where artistry is expressed through the medium of food, as it calls upon every sense at your disposal to understand the passion that your guide placed into the preparation.


Yes, the Chef can take you on an adventure to unexplored worlds, or perhaps not.  The presentation and atmosphere of the restaurant are so important, but without a Chef whose creations bind the experience into a special event, they become nothing more than curiosities.





Take a Key West native whose exotic culinary encounters were formed at Key West's eclectic Cafe Des Artiste, blend those with the local market groundings afforded by the Kitchen at Powhatan Plantation here in Williamsburg, blend together with an inexhaustible appetite for new learnings, and the result is one of the area's most innovative and unconventional chefs presenting a beyond-reproach dining experience in his dining room at Cafe Provencal six glorious nights each week.


In a culinary world populated by patterned graduates of the nation's culinary institutes, Chef Tim stands roguishly alone as an explorer whose best dish is the next one he prepares for you. The status quo is an unacceptable convention for Tim, and he has the astonishing advantage of a world-class winery at his disposal. During your visit, allow Chef Tim to bring together food and wine pairings that elevate his creations to an even higher plateau.


While many kitchens strive to offer the finest and freshest ingredients in their food preparations, Chef Tim has taken his mission to those higher elevations, bringing Allen Brothers beef provisions from Chicago, locally-fished seafood from Hampton Roads, and produce sourced straight from the captive organic gardens here at Wessex Hundred. Chef Tim was inspirational in the expansion of the 2 acre garden and green house on the property. Planning menus ahead allows the decisions to be made as to what to plant and when to plant it, ensuring the freshest ingredients are available to him year round. Even the eggs come from the 20 chickens raised on this farm. Who knows, cows may come next. 

Be part of the adventure; come join Chef Tim and his staff at Cafe Provencal, and understand why a recent guest offered that "astonishing is an understatement".


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