Patrick Duffeler - Vice President and COO.

Patrick Duffeler II

Born in Switzerland, Patrick spent his youth in Western Europe before accompanying his family to Virginia.   He has played an active role in the Company since its inception, first serving part-time in the tasting room to fund his education at the College of William and Mary. 


Upon graduation, he joined the Winery as a sales representative while continuing his industry education, completing internships at wineries in Bordeaux and Cognac.  Upon his return to the United States, he rejoined the Winery and became the assistant hospitality manager.


Later, Patrick undertook coordination of the Winery’s import operations, and oversaw purchasing and logistics. Production management and product development followed, and in 1998 he completed an MBA-level wine marketing course at the University of California at Davis.  Upon his return Patrick assumed management of all on-site sales activities of the Winery including the retail shop, direct shipping, festivals, functions and the Gabriel Archer Tavern.


Patrick was named Vice President in 2006.  That year he also served as Treasurer and Board member of the Virginia Wine Experience in London. With the advent of Wedmore Place, Patrick served comprehensively on the project, ushering it from inception to grand opening.


Patrick's touchpoint to The Williamsburg Winery and its business units is extensive, and provides him with an excellent purview in his role as Vice President and COO.



Patrick II amongst a few of the winery’s 150,000 gallon tank capacity