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2002 Merlot Reserve - $36.00
The 2002 reserve Merlot has a wonderful balance between the upfront fruit nuances of cherry, raspberry, and rhubarb and the earthy tones of leather, mineral and a smokiness. Paired with the fruit and earth tones are some nice hints of cocoa and a creamy vanilla with a just a bit of spice. The wine has a fruit forward finish with some soft tannins to create a very clean lingering feeling.
2003 Merlot Reserve - $36.00
Even though the 2003 vintage was marred by Hurricane Isabelle the Merlot Reserve has come out with surprising complexity, structure and a beautiful garnet hue. There are some wonderful nuances of cranberry, strawberry and raspberry with an almost candied quality. Balanced with the red fruit aromas are some classic leather, figs, with an almost flower/mineral character which gives the wine a nice earthiness to balance out the fruit. The wine did spend time in barrels but the oak is subdued, allowing the other components a brighter spot on the palette. This wine finishes very clean with some nicely structured tannins. A definite food wine.
2004 Merlot Reserve - $32.00
The 2004 Merlot Reserve is a blend of Merlot and 5% of Cabernet Sauvignon from the Eastern Shore and Northern Virginia. The first impression of the wine is of a beautiful red garnet or ruby color. Followed by the visual impression of the wine one notices the myriad of aromas the wine offers. In the beginning there is some lovely black cherry, current, fig along with some strawberry jam. Integrated into the fruit nuances are some nice earthy characters of leather, tobacco, spice and a hint of olive and chocolate. Balanced in with the various fruit and earth tones is the oak, which offers a bit of toastiness, all adding to the complexities. Given the amount of tannins and the multi-dimensional facet, this wine should age gracefully for several years.
1990 Gabriel Archer Reserve - $125.00
1991 Gabriel Archer Reserve - $125.00
1993 Gabriel Archer Reserve - $250.00
2000 Gabriel Archer Reserve (magnums only) - $120.00
2001 Gabriel Archer Reserve (magnums only) - $110.00
2002 Gabriel Archer Reserve (magnums only) - $95.00
The 2002 Gabriel Archer is a very approachable wine. The tannins are smooth and well integrated into the wine. The initial fruit character of the wine is of cherry, blackberry and a hint of rhubarb. With the fruit character is some delicate rose and geranium tones, a hint of eucalyptus, vanilla and a slight herbal quality. The earth tones are expressed in tea and olives. The French and American Oak are nicely integrated with the overall balance of the wine. The wine finishes very clean and smooth with a slightly caramelized nuance.
2003 Gabriel Archer Reserve (magnums only) - $95.00
In addition to the beautiful garnet color, the 2003 Gabriel Archer Reserve exhibits the classic balance between red and dark fruits, with the red fruit being emphasized with strawberry and rhubarb while the darker fruits are blackberry and figs. Interplayed with the fruit nuances are some nice chocolate and caramel notes along with some hints of suede and a nice mineral character which gives way to a walnut presence. The tannins on this wine are soft, but yet offer a nice length. The oak character of the wine is nicely integrated within the wine so as to not overpower the aromas but to instead enhance them. The wine ultimately finishes very clean and lingers on the palette. After pouring the wine continue to open up over a few hours. This wine should compliment a wide array of foods.
2004 Gabriel Archer Reserve - $36.00
In addition to the very soft ruby color there is a lovely balance to the wine which makes it imminently approachable. There is a nice array of berry fruits with a bit of red and dark cherries. Mixed in with the fruit notes are some nice earth characters of leather and chalk with just a ever so slight veg character which lends the wine to an old world style. The oak is nicely integrated into the balance and offers some soft vanilla and cocoa notes to the overall balance. The tannins are very soft and give way to a very clean mouth feel. The 2004 Gabriel Archer could be consumed now or in a few years. The wine should age gracefully and compliment many different foods.
2006 Adagio - $120.00

The 2006 Adagio demonstrates a graceful balance between the fruit, oak and tannins. The first impression is the complexities the oak and fruit play off each other. The oak lends some intriguing notes of vanilla, suede and a bit of meatiness, while the fruit elements show a nice blend of dark and red fruits. Mixed in with the fruit nuances is a soft, pleasant earthiness. The tannins are well rounded and smooth, yet still maintain a backbone which ultimately helps to create a long smooth finish. Overall the wine does not have one element or dimension that stands out, but rather a beautiful balance of all the players, making this a truly complex and captivating wine. The Adagio will age gracefully for many years and will complement a wide array of dishes.


2007 Adagio - $100.00
The focus of this wine is balance. The fruit, oak, tannins and alcohol all come together delightfully, creating a symphony of organoleptic pleasures. Initially there is a wonderful hint of black cherries which then progresses into more mature dark fruits such as figs, dates and prunes. Mixed in with the fruit is a lovely note of fresh cocoa with a bit of soy and eucalyptus. Continuing with the balance motif there is the earthiness and minerality character which blends agreeably with the fruit. The oak in this wine is just enough to enhance the overall structure and balance of the wine. The tannins are firm but approachable and contribute to a wine that will age gracefully over many years.
2006 Late Harvest Vidal Blanc (375 mL only) - $32.00

The long cold fermentation has created a wine with a brilliant amber gold hue and a myriad of intense fruit aromas and flavors. Most prominent is the apricot, orange, and Clementine. Mixed in with these fruit aromas is a lovely blend of honeysuckle and lilac flowers. Overall the wine is very well balanced between sugar, alcohol and all the wonderful aromas, which leads to a lovely full rich mouth feel which lingers on the palette for a long time. This is the best dessert wine from The Williamsburg Winery to date. Try the 2006 late harvest Vidal with fois gras, stilton cheese or a crème brule.


2005 Virginia Trianon - $36.00
The 2005 Trianon has a wonderful mix of red and dark fruits with no one element overpowering the next. There is however a nice chocolate covered strawberry nuance which is quite pleasant. Intertwined with the fruit are some nice earthy characters which lend a mineral, suede and olive character to the wine. Layered in with the fruit and earthy overtones are some soft nutty characters which offer an almond/walnut essence. Overall the wine is extremely well balanced between the fruit, tannins and acidity with the oak complementing them all. The wine finishes with a big creamy fruit texture. Given the many complexities and balance of this wine it will age very gracefully over the next 5 – 10 years.
1992 Virginia Merlot - $32.00
1995 Virginia Merlot - $28.00