Matthew Meyer - Vice President, Winemaker

Matthew came to wine at an early age; he purports to have swirled his milk as a child!


 Born in Great Britain, Matthew learned to appreciate wine from his father. Together they spent many years collecting and drinking wines from around the world.  Matthew spent many years traveling and living in different parts of the world.  During this youthful sojourn, Matthew immersed himself in the local culture, cuisine and wine. 


 Matthew attended one of the world’s premier wine schools, the University of California at Davis, where he obtained a double degree in Oenology and Viticulture with a minor in Business and Marketing. Matthew was elected President of the prestigious Davis Enology and Viticulture Organization, where the focus of the organization was to promote wine, maintain and nurture relationships with other wine schools and raised funds for scholarship programs.


 Upon graduation, Matthew worked for Mike Grgich at Grgich Hills Wine Cellars in Napa Valley California. Grigich is best known for being the winemaker who produced the chardonnay that played a pivotal role at the 'Judgment of Paris', conducted in 1976, by noted wine expert Steven Spurrier, where the California wines ascended to the top steps of the international wine stage. 


 Matthew was recruited by Heitz Wine Cellars, one of the premiere wineries in the world and known for its 'Martha's Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon'.  It was here that Matthew apprenticed under the Heitz family and Joe Norman. Later as Cellar Master/Assistant Winemaker he took over the Cellar Select Chardonnay program. Collectively, Matthew, like a fine wine, had come of age and was now well-prepared to create his brand of wines in a new and challenging environment.


 Matthew came to The Williamsburg Winery’s as our new Winemaker in 20002, and envisioned that Virginia has the potential for being the next big wine region in America. Validation of Matthew's belief came to us this year, when noted wine educator, Kevin Zraly, visited the winery and joined Matthew and a few of his Virginia winemaking contemporaries for dinner. At the conclusion of the dinner, Kevin shared that he had recently completed a 16-country world tour to bring his acclimation with the latest developments in wine up-to-date. His findings?....Kevin believes that the next 2 hottest regions for wine, in his estimation, are South Africa and Virginia. Yes, Virginia has arrived on the international wine stage.


 In April of this year, The Williamsburg Winery issued 5 wines to Decanter Magazine's 'World Wine Awards'. According to Steven Spurrier, it is 'the most prestigious wine competition in the world'.  Taking a field of 10,000 internationally sourced wines, the panels ultimately produce a roster of 400 medalists, amongst which....all 5 of Matthew's wines were so recognized.  Matthew had truly made his mark.

Matthew in the vineyard