Come Visit Us

No visit to Virginia's Historic Triangle is complete without a visit to The Williamsburg Winery, where you will be transported back in time and across the sea to an early 18th century European winery. The spirit of winemakers who have practiced their craft over centuries has been carried-forward as we prepare wines in the classic European-style...with a few modern solutions to enhance the quality of the finished products.


A walk down our main avenue might well be a stroll in Provence, with the setting and architectural styles faithfully reproduced to create a special ambiance unique to the Williamsburg area. Our wine shop awaits your browsing; perhaps a stop at the Gabriel Archer Tavern for a casual lunch or simply a glass of wine on the terrace...however you choose to enjoy the winery, it will reward you with a tranquil setting amongst Wessex Hundred's spendors.


Our winemaker, Matthew Meyer, offers further proof of the relationship between The Williamsburg Winery and its European counterparts: "Were you to draw a line across the Atlantic, you would find yourself in Bordeaux, France".  Yes, we enjoy much the same climate as does one of the most highly regarded wine producing regions in the world, and we emulate the winemaking style of those regions through Matthew's highly-developed skills.

The Virginia wine industry has come a long way in the past 15 years and is becoming more nationally and internationally recognized in the quality and availability of fine wines. In 2010, five Williamsburg wines were sent to London, UK to compete in the Decanter World Wine competition, which is the largest in the world. Out of 10,000 wines tasted from around the globe and only 400 medals awarded in total, the Williamsburg Winery brought home a medal for all five wines entered. It was an eventful year for the winery and the Virginia wine industry. 


Come join us at the Winery; we await your visit.