The Inseparable Pleasures of Food & Wine

Williamsburg may well be best known for its indelible footprint in the history of our country, but there is yet another movement emerging which will, again, define this area: food and wine.


Set amongst the pastoral setting of 300 acres on the Williamsburg Winery farm, Chef Tim Westby-Gibson is attracting a large and loyal following of foodies seeking an escape from the ordinary in his dining room at Cafe Provencal.  Located poolside in the sumptuous setting of Wedmore Place here on Wessex Hundred, you and your guests are transported, through the medium of food and wine, to exquisite experiences of untold gastronomic pleasure.  Tim's work moved one guest to say that "amazing is an understatement", and there is but one way to validate that opinion: join Tim and his staff for dinner.


Venture a short 100 yards down the path from Cafe Provencal, and you will find the Gabriel Archer Tavern. It represents a celebration of high quality food prepared simply in a casual dining experience. Have a seat in the Vineyard Room and gaze out upon the Vidal grapes emerging into rich, luscious fruit that finds its way into the glass of James River White. Enjoy a glass of wine while awaiting the arrival of your French Country Platter or gourmet French bread sandwiches.  The Tavern captivates over 20,000 guests each year with its special blend of estate-sourced wines, unique luncheon and dinner preparations, and an unparalleled setting.


Whether you are looking for that special dining experience, a fun lunch with friends, or perhaps some jazz, wine and dinner on the terrace, Wessex Hundred offers an array of experiences that will have you coming back for more.





Gabriel Archer Tavern

Relax amongst
the vineyards
with a countryside
view, the Gabriel
Archer Tavern offers a casual
dining setting with a menu unique
to Williamsburg, and accompanied
by the incomparable wines of The
Williamsburg Winery.

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Cafe Provencal

"One of the best dining experien- ces I've had" is how a recent guest described Cafe Provencal. Allow us to take you to an authentic French country bistro where Chef Tim Westby-Gibson's innovative preparations will delight your senses.