The Only Wine School of its Kind

It's unlike any other wine school in the country.


Would you like to learn how to sell wine?  Would you like to learn how to sell wine from one of the most knowledgeable instructors in the industry? And conduct your learning right here at The Williamsburg Winery?  Answer 'yes' to any of those questions, and you simply must contact Claudia Rinaldi at to reserve your spot at one of the quarterly sessions of the school.


Formed in partnership with the iconic 21 Club in Manhattan, the club Wine Director, Phil Pratt, escorts you through a full day's curriculum that traces the history of wine to its earliest moments, provides students with a primer on wine tasting and appreciation, and then brings the school full-circle as he dissects the actual sale of wine in the on-premise (restaurant) and off-premise (wine shop) environments.  Phil manages and directs a 1,340+ wine list at the Club, and is actively on the 'floor' engaged in the sales of wine, and he brings his 'real world' view to attendees.


The Williamsburg Winery's winemaker, Matthew Meyer, supports Phil with a segment on the making of wine. He offers a 'deep dive' into how wine is made and the myriad of important decisions made in the process. Matthew's class is conducted in wine production facilities of the winery.


Attendance is limited at each class to 72 students.