Patrick Duffeler - President

Patrick Duffeler was born in Belgium and educated in the United States.  After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics & Finance from the University of Rochester, New York, he embarked on his professional career at Eastman Kodak. 


 He later joined the international division of Philip Morris in Switzerland as Director of Marketing. Patrick was instrumental in the development of the Marlboro World Championship Team project which ushered the Marlboro brand into international motorsports, proving the value of promotional activity as a brand building mechanism. During these years, Patrick and his wife Peggy became the parents of two sons, Patrick II and Terence.


 During this period, his travels took him not only to  Europe, but also Latin America, the Far East, the Middle East, and Africa.  He independantly became involved in the wine industry in Burgundy, France and forged relationships with those producers. Likewise, his interest in the hospitality industry burgeoned, and had the chance to participate in a study for the development of a country hotel in Beaune, Burgundy. Both interests were the building blocks for a life-changing decision Patrick was about to make.


 Patrick went on to serve as the International President of Fragrances Selective, and balanced his time between two continents.  In 1983, Patrick and Peggy, after an exhaustive search, puchased 300 acres of land in Williamsburg and founded The Williamsburg Winery in 1985. In 2007, his dream of a European-style Country Hotel came to fruition, as the doors to Wedmore Place opened for the first time after 10 years of planning. Sadly, Peggy Duffeler, a driving force behind the business, passed away in 2004, not surviving to witness the launch of the hotel, nevertheless, her spirit lives on throughout Wessex Hundred.


In 2007, Patrick  was married to Françoise, a native of France. 

 Patrick amongst the vineyards located on

Jockey’s Neck Trail