Event Guidelines


Time Available
Private parties at the winery may begin no earlier than 6:30 pm. All functions are to conclude no later than midnight.

The Williamsburg Winery. is open to the public seven days a week from 10:00 am - 6:00 pm. Public access is to be maintained during these times.

Facilities Rental Fees (Four Hours)

Rental of Vineyard Lawn; $400
Rental of Susan Constant Hall 40ft x 36ft; $700(Fri-Sun); $500(Mon-Thurs)
Rental of The Board Room; $200
Rental of Wessex Hall 48ft x 96ft; $2500(Fri-Sun); $1700(Mon-Thurs)                                                                             Wessex Lawn; $500                                                                         

The use of the facilities for time beyond the agreed four hours will result in additional charges at the rate of $200/hr. No reservation will be held unless the deposit has been received. State and local sales tax of 5.0% is applicable.
Wine Service
The minimum wine service fee of $18.00 per guest is applicable to all guests over 21 years of age. Minimum of 75% of final guest count. The selection of special wines entails a higher per guest charge. State and local sales tax of 9.0% is applicable. This $18.00 charge covers, wine pourers, wine glasses, ice and cocktail napkins in quantities deemed reasonable per guest. (Average one-half 750 ml bottle per guest.) In order to protect the safety of all persons, no wine will be served beyond this quantity.

The Williamsburg Winery is primarily a producer of fine wines. It encourages the appreciation of wines and fine food in a relaxed, courteous setting. Certain policies are designed to reflect Federal and State regulations applicable to a winery as well as to protect visitors and the Winery.
The Winery encourages clients and/or organizers to arrange for designated drivers, special transportation and whatever steps are determined responsible to avoid discomfort, injuries and/or accidents. In accordance with ABC regulations, the Winery will not serve wine to underage or intoxicated persons under any circumstance.
The Williamsburg Winery will provide a clean site, which must be returned to the same condition in which it was found. Those using the grounds and facilities are liable for any damage to the site rented.
The winery will be happy to assist you with determining a list of equipment needed for your event. Any equipment borrowed from the winery by your caterer may be the object of additional rental fees or security deposits. The replacement cost of such missing or unreturned equipment will be passed on to the customer.

Maximum Occupancy
Susan Constant Hall Reception 100 guests
Seated 55 guests
Gabriel Archer Tavern Reception 100 guests
Seated 45 guests
Wessex Hall Reception 250+ guests
Seated 180 guests
Reserve Cellar Reception 25 guests
Seated 16 guests                                                                                                                                                                            **Wessex Lawn 1,000 guests, Seated 500

** Wessex Lawn event requires tenting or a back-up facility in case of inclement weather.
Please contact the Winery for additional information on outdoor events or outdoor wedding ceremonies. Outdoor wedding ceremonies are restricted to the lawn near the Gabriel Archer Tavern adjacent to the Vidal Blanc vineyard or the raised lawn directly behind Wessex Hall.
Confirmation of Attendance
An event billing is based on an estimated attendance to be confirmed no later than 5 days prior to the event. That confirmed attendance figure will be the basis for billing.
No reservation will be held unless a deposit has been received. To confirm a reservation of a date for an evening function, a deposit of 50% of the facilities rental is required. In the event of cancellation, the following refund schedule shall apply:
Cancellation 60 days prior to the function: ½ deposit refunded. No refund of a deposit shall be made thereafter. Facility deposit may be transferred to an alternate date if that date is available. Cancellation within 30 days, entire facility fee will be due. Cancellation within 72 hours, entire facility fee and a service fee will be due.
Payment Terms
Full payment shall be expected before the beginning of the function, unless prior arrangements have been made.
A Williamsburg Winery Ltd. Function Manager will be available to meet with the client regarding event details. An event manager will be available during the event to help coordinate. The Williamsburg Winery Ltd. will staff the event with wine servers and will oversee the set-up and breakdown of tables and chairs by the caterer. Should additional staff be required, a charge of $50/ hr (minimum 2 hours) shall be applicable.

In accordance with ABC regulations, TWW staff will control all open bars serving alcoholic beverages. No other alcoholic beverages may be brought on the premises without prior written approval.
We recommend that the client hire a wedding coordinator to assist with the planning and execution of wedding ceremonies.
In order to assist with parking and for general purposes, Security Personnel will be contracted by the Winery for all parties exceeding 150 guests. All corresponding fees will be included in the final invoice. (One Security Officer per 100 guests.)
Tables and chairs are provided by the Williamsburg Winery and are included in the facility fee.
Included with the Rental:
- 100 chairs
- 20 - 60” round tables (such tables are designed for 8 guests per table)
- 6 – 8’ rectangular banquet tables or 6 – 6’ rectangular banquet tables
- 4 - 42" high cocktail tables                                                                                                                                                           - 15’ x 15’ dance floor
A $250 clean-up deposit from the client is required. The clean-up deposit will be refunded within seven working days of the event. In the event that an extraordinary amount of cleaning is required at the end of the function, such will entail a minimum cleaning fee of $200.
Any function that takes place at The Williamsburg Winery Ltd. involves its reputation as well as certain legal compliance obligations. Accordingly, a function contracted by a third party coordinator entails obligations of the coordinator with respect to the organization of the function toward the ultimate client. The Williamsburg Winery Ltd. reserves the right to charge a third party coordinator that fails to meet its obligations.
The Williamsburg Winery does not assume responsibility for property or equipment brought in or left on the premises. All equipment to be brought on premises must be approved on a prior basis by the winery. Equipment and/or any other items rented directly by the client or client’s agent must be approved by the winery and received at the winery by the party renting such. Winery staff will not sign for any such rented equipment.
All invitations, posters, flyers, signs or other publicity pertaining to events must be approved by the Winery. Use of the Winery’s name is permitted only to announce the location of the event. The invitation can in no way imply or give the impression that the Winery is sponsoring a private function. Hanging signs on the outside of Wessex Hall or Susan Constant Hall is not permitted.
The facilities contain valuable furniture and antiques. No furniture may be moved. Client is solely responsible for any damage to furniture/antiques and will be billed accordingly. The Williamsburg Winery reserves the right to charge additional fees for damages, loss of equipment, decorative items, excessive wear and tear, etc.
All outside functions must include an alternative inclement weather plan.
Smoking is restricted to the outside terrace areas.
Those using the grounds and facilities are liable for any damage to the site rented. A certificate of insurance may be required.
A Bridal Kit is provided for the use of wedding parties using the Board Room as a dressing room. Missing materials or office supplies will be the object of a replacement fee. There is to be no food consumed in the Board Room. The wine display and the Venetian blinds are not to be touched. The room is to be left in the same condition as it was found.
Wedding Rehearsals must be scheduled in the rental of premises agreement.
The Williamsburg Winery Ltd. reserves the right to take photos of any event held on the property. Such may be used for promotional purposes of the facilities and/or general information and will not be used for any other purpose.
The Williamsburg Winery, Ltd. will not bear responsibility for any event out of its control (i.e. snow storm, hurricane, power outage, etc.) which would result in the Winery having to close. In the unlikely event of such instances, the full deposit will be refunded or the event will be rescheduled for another date.
Additional decorations are not permitted without specific written approval. Scented candles detract from the enjoyment of fine wine and are therefore not permitted.
No balloon releases, throwing of rice or celebratory throwing of any non-biodegradable materials are permitted. Fireworks and sparklers are prohibited by county ordinance.
Amplified music is confined to Susan Constant Hall and Wessex Hall.
Firearms may not be brought on the premises.
No pets or animals (with the exception of service dogs) are permitted in the buildings.
The comfort of our guests is of paramount importance to the winery. Accordingly, the fireplaces shall not be lit if the outside temperature exceeds 50 degrees. The thermostats in the halls shall be maintained at 72 degrees. All outside doors shall be kept closed at all times so that the HVAC is not taxed beyond reason.
Rental of the premises is not an entitlement to ownership. Respect of the integrity of the facilities shall be appreciated. By the terms of ABC regulations as well as in response to the Winery's public image and visibility, the management of the Winery requires that all functions on its premises be conducted in good taste. The Winery is responsible for maintaining control over the function; and accordingly, the Winery reserves the right to take all appropriate action in order to protect the health and safety of all guests and employees as well as complying with all regulatory and policy guidelines.
Prices effective as of Jan 1st, 2011 -- prices are subject to change without notice.
Applicable Laws: Commonwealth of Virginia
Copyright: The Williamsburg Winery Ltd., 2008.